Free download of the ERNA-3D Trial Version
Please choose the suitable TRIAL VERSION for the Operating System of your computer:
2.) ERNA-3D Version 2.0 SGI for IRIX 6.1 and later (37,5 MBytes)
Please note:
The name "ERNA-3D" is a registered trademark of the company PENTAFOLIUM-SOFT. PENTAFOLIUM-SOFT is also the
copyright holder of the ERNA-3D software itself as well as of all accompaniment materials (e.g. the User's Manual).
The ERNA-3D software as well as the TRIAL VERSION of ERNA-3D are protected by german and by international laws.
With the download of the TRIAL VERSION of ERNA-3D your are accepting our License Conditions (please see link below).
Any illegal distribution of this software is strongly prohibited! It is not allowed to modify, to de-compile, to "crack", to sell,
to make a present of or to lend the software in any kind. Any offences against these conditions can lead to serious conse-
quences concerning the civil and penal law. The TRIAL-VERSION is intended only to become acquainted with the ERNA-3D
software and is not intended for a long-term utilization.
Hints for the installation of the PC version
After you have downloaded the file "" please copy it into a direc-
tory of your choice. Please extract all files by selecting "" and by
using the right mouse button option "Extract all...". This extraction process will cre-
ate a new directory called "ERNA-3D_CD". Please change your working directory
to the sub-sub-directory, which as well has been called "ERNA-3D_CD". In this
sub-sub-directory you will find the executable file called "autorun", which is the IN-
STALLATION ASSISTANT for the ERNA-3D software. Please start it and follow all
further instructions. During the installation process, the ERNA-3D software will be
installed on your harddisk in the newly created directory:


As soon as the ERNA-3D software becomes started, a window with 4 input fields
will be opened. Please (first) do not enter any number, but instead press the button
"TRIAL VERSION". After that, the TRIAL VERSION of ERNA-3D will be executed.

Please note: If the TRIAL VERSION of ERNA-3D has been started, a short and re-
peating STARTUP ANIMATION for demonstration purposes will be executed, show-
ing two RNA Double Helices moving around. This STARTUP ANIMATION can easi-
ly be interrupted by pressing the ESC-key or by renaming the file "ERNA-3D-De-
mo.cmd" in the sub-directory ".\cmddir" of the ERNA-3D main directory.
A short description how to use the ERNA-3D software can be found in the READ-
ME file in the "ERNA-3D_V2.0.2" directory. For further explanations how to use ER-
NA-3D, please refer to the User's Manual, which can be found in the sub-directory
".\manual" of the ERNA-3D main directory "ERNA-3D_V2.0.2".