Brief overview of the capabilities of ERNA-3D
The following gives a summary in note form of the individual properties of

  • Easy-to-operate graphic user interface
  • Creation of complex atomic structures
  • Ability to "pull" atomic structures in a realistic manner
  • Automatic docking of intra- and interhelical single strands
  • Interactive alteration of Bond Angles and Dihedral Angles
  • Functions to move, add, remove and connect single atoms
  • Simple manipulation of helices and clusters
  • Reading and writing of PDB files (all records)
  • Extremely rapid reading and writing of atom lists (memory dump)
  • Simple calculation of distances
  • Detailed information about the contents of internal lists
  • Creation of six different types of representations
  • Reading and writing of polygon data files
  • Extremely rapid reading and writing of polygon lists (memory dump)
  • Loading of MOVIE.BYU data files
  • Direct generation of contours from electron density data
  • Real time rendering of transparent contours (rapid polygon sorting)
  • Easy checking of chain breakages
  • Simple changing of object material definitions
  • Scaling and reflection of objects
  • 3D-viewing of models using Shutter Glasses or other 3D-technics
  • Possibility to adjust up to 8 light sources
  • Versatility in modifying the Lighting model
  • Command interpreter for many keyboard commands
  • Implementation of script data files for the creation of animations
  • Generation of PostScript pictures (Letter, Ledger, DIN A4, DIN A3, Stereo, Poster, etc.)
  • Generation of Bitmap Files of parts of the working area
  • Generation of music by reading Primary Sequences of RNA/DNA or proteins

  • ERNA-2D: Creation of Secondary Structure Maps in the simplest way.
  • ERNA-2D: Dynamic manipulation of Secondary Structure Parts
  • ERNA-2D: Direct translation of Secondary Structures into atomic structures
  • ERNA-2D: Creation of Secondary Structures from a given 3D-molecule
  • ERNA-2D: Use of simple frames to select molecular parts in 2D as well as in 3D
  • ERNA-2D: Integration of labels and drawings into the Secondary Structure Maps
  • ERNA-2D: Generation of PostScript files for the printing of Secondary Structure Maps

    and much more . . .